My name is Han Speekhout and I live in Holland.

In the past 5 years I have become  completely addicted to conures.

How did this come about? I had birds when I was at the age of 13. At that time it was just budgies
but it was the start of my love for the birds. By my 16th birthday, I went into the Navy and sold my birds because there was not enough more time for them. In 1991 I started again with breeding budgies, red-rumped and rosella’s. This went on till 1995 when I saw a couple  of Souance Conures. I fell completely in love with these little guys and I immediately sold a bunch of budgies to buy these beautiful birds. In 1998 we moved to another house, which had more garden space in the back of the house. The first thing we built over here was a bird-home. A night shelter with space for breeding cages inside and outdoor flights of 3 meters. This was the beginning of my collection of conures. The more that I read about conures and especially the Pyrrhuras, the more I became interested in them. Right now in 2002, I have built up a nice collection of birds of which the most are Pyrrhuras. I love these quiet and peaceful feathered friends. Beside my Pyrrhuras, I breed also Amazon parrots, Jardine parrots and Meyer parrots. And still we have more building plans because my addiction has come so far that I don’t have enough flights for my still growing bunch of Pyrrhuras. At this moment I breed with the following species of Pyrrhura:

Picta picta (painted),                  Perlata lepida (pearly)                           Egregia egregia  (fiery shoulder)                                                                                           
Picta roseifrons,                        Melanura pacifica (pacific black tail)       Molinea sordida

Rodocephala (rose-crowned)     Yellow-sided Green Cheek ,                   Cruentata (blue throated)
Perlata perlata (crimson bellied)

At this moment I have two young pearly conures in the nesting box, three young Fiery shouldered and two young pacific black tailed and my second pair of Fiery shouldered has three eggs.
Here are some pictures of my birds. I hope you enjoy my story and the pictures.

Han Speekhout
My First Pyrrhura Conure
Han Speekhout
Pyrrhura picta roseifron
Pyrrhura rhodocephala
Pyrrhura perlata perlata or rhodogaster
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