Pyrrhura Cruentata
Les Waring
United Kingdom

The Blue Throated, (Pyrrhura cruentata) has been available for a good number of years now in the UK, at first it demanded very high prices, as they were rare. Like all of the Pyrrhuras when conditions are to their liking they have proved to be very prolific, so the prices of pairs have dropped considerably. Clutches of up to 9 eggs have been reported a few times. Usually 4 - 6 eggs is normal for this species. I have found my 2 pairs a joy to own. I have yet to breed them myself as 2002 will be the first breeding season for me with this species, but it already looks promising as both of my pairs have been going through the courtship display and occasionally mating has been witnessed.

In my experience they seem to have a different manner compared to the smaller/regular Pyrrhuras I keep. They are more playful & seem to show off & get very excited towards their keepers with their chattering calls. They are the biggest in the genus of Pyrrhuras measuring up to 30cm in length. Their calls are high pitched and at there noisiest when alarmed by strangers or cats in the vicinity. I would not say they would be a problem to neighbors as they normally only have a couple of squawking sessions a day.

NOTE: They are listed in CITES Appendix 1, mainly due to loss of habitat (logging industry) & illegal trade. All owners/breeders must be registered and have paperwork for their birds at time of sale, which consists of proof of owning captive-bred specimens. Close ringing these birds is really essential.

I hope you like the photo’s I took of one of my pairs. One photo in particular shows the maroon rump that a lot of people are not aware of, its not often seen unless you keep them.

Regards Les.
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Pyrrhura Cruentata