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PBA Membership includes

 ~ Quarterly newsletter
 ~ Member breeder listing on PBA web site
 ~ Member advertisements on PBA web site
 ~ PBA Yahoo Group list of experienced aviculturists

Join the Pyrrhura Breeders Association!

Click the link below to go to our membership page.

To pay via PayPal, click the link on the membership page.

Note: Dues are $20/year. If paid though PayPal, $21 will be charged to include applied PayPal fees.

PBA Mission Statement

1. To bring together people interested in the keeping and breeding of Pyrrhura Conures.

2. To enhance those interests, through mutual education.

3. To provide a background in keeping of all the species and sub-species.

4. To encourage the domestic breeding of all species and sub-species.

5. To provide a networking studbook on the uncommon and rarer species.


How we began...

  • So how did the Pyrrhura Breeders Association (PBA) come about? We "met" on different mailing lists on the internet. We found talking to others from diverse backgrounds enriched our experiences as bird breeders and people.
  • Many of us found we really enjoy the little birds with the difficult names. Most of us had either green-cheeks or maroon bellies first. Some went right to painteds or blackcaps.
  • has provided us with a way to easily share thoughts just on Pyrrhura conures. Several members got together to form a breeding consortium to import and establish some of these birds into the U.S.  We have now imported the Roseifrons and Fiery-shouldered Conures. Another consortium has imported the Crimson-bellied conures.
  • PBA has been in existence for over five years. We produce a quarterly newsletter sent by mail for members only, and our yahoo email list is available for members to post information, pictures, and ask questions. 
  • We utilize the members-only PyrrhuraBreedersAssociation Yahoo Group for communications. The list will also be available for exchange of information, chatting, placing for sale and want ads, and sharing pictures. Ads may be placed in the PBA email list if they are Pyrrhura-related.
  • PBA is affiliated with the Avicultural Society of America.





Pyrrhura Breeders Association is a 501 c 3 not-for profit organization as designated by the IRS.

crimson bellied conures

mutation green cheek conures

immature rosifrons

white ear conures


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